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The Stockings were hung…..

When our first child (Brian) was born back in 1985, and my daughter (Jenny) followed in 1987, I was very early into my quilting career. Even so, I knew that I wanted to make quilted stockings for our entire family.

At the time, we were living in Canberra, Australia while my husband finished his PhD and Post-Doctoral fellowship, so Aussie animals seemed the perfect way to go. I used patterns from a book by Margaret Rolfe….

Michael and I were very much into the birds in our neighborhood so a Kookaburra and Sulfur Crested Cockatoo were perfect for us, while the Koala and Kangaroo were great for the kids…..

These four stockings hung proudly over the years and were filled with many fun goodies.

In 2010, Amber was added to our family and another stocking was needed. I tried to think about what she might like and immediately thought of a kitty….one that looks a lot like her cat Wheatley…….

So….with the Jenny’s marriage to Kevin earlier this year, it was time for another stocking. I kept trying to think of something to put on his stocking and finally contacted my daughter to ask her advice……she said an “X-box Controller”!!! Works for me!!!!

Now I can say….the stockings were hung by the chimney with care……

……bring on the holiday season!!!

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