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Bonnie does it again….

While working on my 2nd Quilt of Valor, I needed to make 1/4 square triangles that ended up at 4 inch finished. It has been a long time since I made these, so I decided to Google it and ended up with Bonnie Hunter again.

She showed how to use her Essential Triangle Tool and, once again, the blocks were quickly made!! (My first foray with the Essential Triangle Tool was here)

When you make them the old-fashioned way, you have to start with a square that is 1.25 inches larger than what you want the finished size to be. In my case that would have meant that I needed squares that were 5.25 inches and I don’t have many of those already cut in my scraps.

Instead, I could use the ruler with 2.5 inch strips and I have BUNCHES of those!!!!

The first step was to cut/find two strips 2.5 inches wide……

….place them right sides together and start cutting, matching the edge up to the 2.5 inch mark and letting the little green triangle hang off of the strip…..

Cut as many sets as you need…..

Now to the machine, sewing from the point to the blocked-off edge…..

Press them open……

…and finally sew the pairs together to make the squares…..

The final step is to trim those pesky corners and they are ready to go.

Once again, I was amazed at how accurate these patches were and how well they fit with the other square and 1/2 square triangles blocks that made up the quilt.

Once again it was Bonnie to the Rescue!!!

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