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About Face….

Back in February, I was continuing to work on my “Henna Girl” quilt and completely messed up the quilting on her face…… see the post here.

I picked it out the same day that I quilted it and then put the quilt away until after my studio was finished and I felt comfortable going back to it. It just so happened that my comfort level finally returned last week!!!

After my initial disaster, one of my quilting buddies, Rosie, sent a diagram that she thought would help…..

After studying this for a while, I sat down with yet another photo of the face and started drawing in lines. After numerous attempts, I decided that this one had the most promise…..

When I got ready to do the quilting, I was nervous about trying to free-hand it again so marked some guide dots to help me along…..

This made the quilting much easier to do and, in a very short time, I was thru……

I finished the background using a ruler to quilt parallel lines at various widths.

The final step was to add the beads. I had original planned to use beads that I had on hand, but ended up at Joann’s one day and found the PERFECT beads…….

So….I am happy to present “Mahek the Market Girl”…….

4 thoughts on “About Face….

  1. Great post title! Your perseverance has paid off. You have done an amazing job. Luv the beads!

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