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Kew Quilt…..NOW WHAT??

Now that I have the design drawn and the initial fabrics selected, it is time to turn my mind to EXACTLY how I am going to accomplish this quilt.

I don’t believe that the side strips will be super hard. I will just have to be extremely accurate and careful in my piecing!!

But, how am I going to make the center “ladder” section.

Applique would obviously work, but seems like a LOT of trouble!!

I really want to piece most of it but am concerned about how I will accomplish these dimensional areas….

Rather than making a full plan, I did what I normally do and started with the part that would be the easiest. I can always figure out the harder stuff when I get there!!!

Although it is not my favorite piecing method, I decided to paper piece each section….

….starting with the large (window) piece, adding the black side pieces and finally adding the “step” to one side.

After finishing with each section, I attached it to the preceding section…..

By doing this section by section, before I knew it, I had finished the top five window panes!!

There are three more of these “simple” sections and then I get to the hard part!!

To quote Scarlett O’Hara……

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