TOO many designs….again!!

On Sunday I left you with two blocks that I had played with…..

(Too bad didn’t make them the same sizes!!!!)

As I thought about what I could do with this type of design I decided to go “old-school” and play with paper cutouts!!

Since I was using Powerpoint (not too old school) to print out the blocks, I decided that I would size the smaller block up so that they were all the same size…..

I quickly cut them out…..

…and it was time to play!!!

My husband laughed at me as I sat in my chair…..

…trying design after design.

The first one that I came up with was this…..

Wow….I REALLY liked that…..

Do I need to look further???

Of course, the answer is YES, and the following emerged too…..

This one offsets the blocks and although I do like it, I am not sure how I would piece it……

This is fun…..

How about if I just use one of the blocks…..

…but maybe border it with the other ones…..

Then there is this one……

….or this one……

….or this one…..

Now….where am I going from here…..

I have no idea but I will definitely take you along for the journey!!!

If you enjoy this daily blog, please share it with your friends!!!

Thank you…….

Marble Fabric must go!!

Back in the early 1990’s, I participated in a workshop where we marbled fabric. It was SO much fun!!

Now, back then I didn’t have a lot of money for quilting so some of the fabric was not great quality… was what I could afford at the time!!

Regardless, I came away with an amazing array of fabrics.

Then, 15 years later, one of my friends moved and gifted me with all of HER marbled fabrics too.

The bottom line is that I have a box FULL of marbled fabrics that are at least 30 years old….


There is a good range of fabrics and colors……

….and I needed a design that could handle all of those differences!!

Several months ago I posted a photo of a wall from the “Tower of London”….

…and in my “Marbles Must Go” delirium, I decided to go with this idea for the marbled fabrics.

I started out by cutting my marbled fabrics into 5-1/2-inch strips and adding a 1-inch navy strip to one side……

I then sub-cut the strips into 3-inch bricks and I quickly had a good set to play with…..

This is what I am thinking……

Make three (or more) panels of these pieces with wide blue borders in between.

I am hoping that the navy fabric will help to tame all of the different patterns and colors from the marbled fabrics.

What do you think?? Will it work???

Beautiful Sound Waves

A few weeks ago a reader sent me this photo…..

It came from an article about how scientists at Stanford University are using sound waves to understand and help with the healing process. Check out the full article here.

Wouldn’t these make AMAZING quilt patterns????

If you are interested, I found this video showing how sound travels thru sand to create these types of designs. You MAY want to turn the sound DOWN because the tones are pretty annoying!!

The Star Explodes Further

When I last left you the exploding star quilt as at this point…..

Now I had to figure out what to do next!! I felt that the duller colors from the inside star needed to be repeated in the outer part of the quilt but how was I going to do that?

I could add borders…..


I could alternate the colors in these borders…..


I can extend the “baby blocks” out further…..

That’s a little too much!!!

I can add smaller stars…..

Hmmmm……that has possibilities!!!

So, I made a few small stars…..

Added strips to make it one piece….

…..and started laying it out…..

I think that I am going to like this!!!

60-degree diamonds….again!!

Back in June, I posted about some fabric that I had bought and the planning that had started for a quilt featuring 60-degree diamonds.

Since then I have spent an inordinate amount of time creating designs using these fabrics……

I loved all of them but knew that it was TIME to make up my mind.

So, one evening I headed to my studio with the idea that I WAS going to decide on a design!!

To find inspiration I grabbed an older book by Katie Pasquini (her name at that time)…..

As I was glancing thru it, I found this photo…..

HMMMM….wonder if I could make “cubes” of the fabric and put them in a circle…..

I tried some other configurations, even resorting to paper…..

…but couldn’t get the dimensions to work out right.

Then I hit upon this idea…..

Now THAT has promise!!

I kept adding rounds to it…..

…and I got more and more excited about it!!

At the end of the night, it was looking something like this…..

I am excited to go forward with this project.

Stay with me to see how it goes!!!