Wellspring Pattern Design

Last weekend I posted about picking the colors for my latest quilt that I am calling “Wellspring”.

I had found the inspiration for this quilt from a YouTube video by “Teresa Down Under” with the company “Sewn Up”. You should check out her Youtube channel HERE.

In her video, she was showing three different ways to make a “whirlwind” quilt block and this one was my favorite of the three….

I did some quick calculations…..

…and decided that I would work with an 8-inch block.

I followed her instructions to make a block with 3 strips on one side, and then to cut it in half diagonally…..

The main block that was made from these subsets was gorgeous….

…but the alternating block was plain….

I immediately saw that this particular seam was going to be hard to match….

…and I wondered if I wanted to go to all of that effort to have a block that basically looked like this….

If I was going to do that, I might as well just make it from plain strips of fabric!!

So, I went back to the initial block…

…and started thinking about what I could do with it!!

I jumped onto Electric Quilt and began playing with possible designs. I felt as if I wanted to keep a pinwheel/spinning design in the alternating block and ended up with this idea….

Now to figure out how to piece it without wasting LOTS of fabric.

Pantone Color of the year – 2022

A few weeks back, I posted about the Pantone Colors of the year for 2021 and the response I got on Facebook was puzzling.

Many commenters seemed to think that, by naming a “color of the year”, they were EXPECTED to like and use that color.

I certainly don’t see it that way. I am always looking for color combinations that I like and my exploration of the Pantone Color was just out of interest to find another one!!

One reader….Laura McHugh…. sent a photo of the quilt that she made using the 2021 colors…..

I love that she took the colors and determined to make something from them. WELL DONE LAURA!!

So, today I want to introduce you to the Pantone Color of the Year for 2022…..


Don’t you love how saying the name tickles your tongue?

As I searched further on the Pantone site, they had designed several different palettes that used the Veri Peri color….

Balancing Act
Star Show

They are all so interesting and I am intrigued by this last one. Wouldn’t it be fun to start with blacks, greys, and tans and then add the POP of Periwinkle?? Maybe I will have to give it a try in 2022!!

I hope that you find the colors that you love in 2022 and create MANY projects using them!!


Yesterday I posted about being asked to design a quilt using the “Into The Woods” fabric line by Sarah Watson (@hisarahwatson) and Cloud 9 Fabrics…..

As I studied this collection, I realized that I was going to need some solids to add to the mix. Normally, I would have just pulled some from my stash but I remembered that, if this was a pattern for sale, I needed to use current fabrics that could be purchased by the quiltmakers.


And, when I say FABRIC store, this is what I mean…..

Are you drooling yet???

There is even fabric on the ceiling….

But on this day, I walked past all of the amazing prints and headed to the back corner where the Moda solids were housed…..

These were the fabrics that I had in my mind to purchase, BUT, when I started looking at them, I felt that the solid didn’t work well with the “Into the Woods” prints.

So, I moved over one shelf and found these…..

…..Toscana Collection from Northcott fabrics.

The mottled nature of these fabrics fit PERFECTLY with the prints!!

I came home with 11 cuts….

…that pair up beautifully with the focus fabrics…..

Now it is time to PLAY!!

New fabric fun!!!

I have recently become friends with Sarah Watson (@hisarahwatson), a licensed artist and designer. She recently produced a new fabric line through Cloud 9 Fabrics, and she asked me to design a quilt highlighting her fabrics!!

I was SO… SO… SO… excited when the package arrived in the mail and I was able to see the fabrics that I would be working with…..

The fabric line has the title “INTO THE WOODS” and is SO much fun. Just look at these selvages….

…and the individual fabrics have wonderful names…..Forest Floor, Snail Trails, Look Close, Turkey Tail, Quite a Collection and You’ve Earned It!!

The fabric is an organic cotton and feels amazing. I really noticed the difference in quality when I was ironing it. It was like ironing butter!!

I am SO excited about playing with these but am also a little nervous about trying to design a quilt from them.

As I say so many times…..

The Flying Geese are airborne…

Over the last two days, I have been walking thru the process of designing a quilt using leftover scraps. Here is the third….and final….. installment!!

As I continued thinking about the outside border, I remembered some other, smaller blocks that were in the stash…..

At some point, I had sewn them together to make Half-Square Triangle blocks.

And, if I put TWO of them together, I get another flying geese…..

….Sort of…..

So now I could use these pieced Flying Geese to finish the side border…..

….keeping the triangles with green outlines for the top and bottom.

The geese on the outside are a bit abstract and only a few of them actually show up as geese, but I think that it is working okay…..

So, let’s add one more border to tie it all together…..

I am pleased with the result and really had fun playing with the Flying Geese designs.

Oh no…..

There are still some leftovers!!!

I guess that they will become seeds for the next time Alice and I have a tea party “Down the Rabbit Hole”.

Now if I can just remember what I was working on before I found these scraps???

Does anyone remember????