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What do I do with these?

Many years back my church was meeting in a school gymnasium and we desperately wanted something to add a bit of softness to the stage, so I made a series of “quilt-like” banners.

None of them had batting or quilting. Basically, they were a quilt top attached to a heavy upholstery fabric to help them hang straight.

This was the first one. There were actually two just alike….

I used an idea from a book that I had at the time and didn’t have a pattern. It was so much fun to figure out the piecing layout.

This was the last set that I made…..

But this post is about the second set…..

I loved the stained-glass look of these two banners!!

When the church no longer needed them, I was asked if I wanted the banners back….

Of course!!!

The first set has now been gifted to another church in Boston and the 3rd set has been used in the children’s area of our church.

BUT…..what should I do with these last two????

I have some ideas but would love to hear what you think……



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4 thoughts on “What do I do with these?

  1. First thought was a long term care facility, rehab center, Ronald McDonald house…

    When I have visited at such places, the majority of the “art” consists of medically pertinent posters. You’ve seen them- “Don’t fall.” “Covid testing done here.” “Dining hall hours.”

    What a cheery- but not overdone or juvenile- these would be!

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