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TOO many designs….again!!

On Sunday I left you with two blocks that I had played with…..

(Too bad didn’t make them the same sizes!!!!)

As I thought about what I could do with this type of design I decided to go “old-school” and play with paper cutouts!!

Since I was using Powerpoint (not too old school) to print out the blocks, I decided that I would size the smaller block up so that they were all the same size…..

I quickly cut them out…..

…and it was time to play!!!

My husband laughed at me as I sat in my chair…..

…trying design after design.

The first one that I came up with was this…..

Wow….I REALLY liked that…..

Do I need to look further???

Of course, the answer is YES, and the following emerged too…..

This one offsets the blocks and although I do like it, I am not sure how I would piece it……

This is fun…..

How about if I just use one of the blocks…..

…but maybe border it with the other ones…..

Then there is this one……

….or this one……

….or this one…..

Now….where am I going from here…..

I have no idea but I will definitely take you along for the journey!!!

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Thank you…….

3 thoughts on “TOO many designs….again!!

  1. When I first saw thie image of the design piece blocks printed out – I thought I was looking at a new clever sheet of postage stamps! Neat!

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