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Airport Art – Mumbai India

In 2015, Michael and I flew from Bangalore India to Kathmandu Nepal to begin our 10 day trek in the Himalayas. It was a wonderful adventure that you can read about starting HERE, but that trip is not the point of this post!! Our one stopover on the trip was an adventure in art!!

Probably the most beautiful and art filled airport that I have ever visited was Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai India.

We just had a short time in one terminal but I was super impressed!!

The light fixtures were all sculpted as flowers in various stages of opening…..

They were gorgeous….

One of the walls had this interesting display of designs…..

….but my favorite were these fabric walls….

They were done in a typical India fiber style (called Kantha) where different shapes of fabrics are layered together and then long stitch “quilting” is added to pull the design together.

As an aside….I have been thinking about playing with this artform myself!!!

Even the bathrooms were marked artistically…..

I wasn’t able to take photos of the outside or the check-in area of the airport but these are some from online that will give you a further idea of the creativity of this airport…..

Our time there was a short, fun interlude at the start of an amazing adventure!!! I hope we have a long layover there someday so that I can explore ALL of the art of this beautiful airport!!!

3 thoughts on “Airport Art – Mumbai India

  1. Hey hey, that’s the city I was born in! I too was very impressed when I visited in 2014 and saw the new airport. Very glamorous.

  2. It is great seeing this sort of thing being done in airports. They used to be so sterile and boring. Now they are exciting and interesting.

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