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Working in a Series

For years I have heard quilter’s talk about “working in a series”. When I heard this phrase, I always imagined having a particular design or color scheme that I used in EVERY SINGLE QUILT that I made…….and that just seemed daunting….and maybe a bit boring.

On Saturday morning I was listening to “The Quilting Arts Podcast” while I endured enjoyed my walk thru the neighborhood. Susan Brubaker Knapp suggested that you have to be deliberate to work in a series. The co-host, Vivika Hansen DeNegre disagreed, saying that sometimes, as artists, we work in a series without realizing it…..maybe exploring portraiture or various themes.

As I listened further, I realized that I do have a series in progress…..Travel Log Quilts!!

This comes as no surprise, but Michael and I LOVE to travel!! We lived in Australia for almost 6 years, soaking in the differences in culture. Starting in 2007, we began traveling all over the world for him to teach and work in research projects. Since that time, we have made 23 trips, visiting 14 countries, for a total of 68 weeks!!!

This meme effectively describes my thoughts on this subject……

Over the years, I have turned many of our photos and memories into quilts, thus my “quilting in a series”. To date, I have made TWENTY-ONE quilts based on our travel and, honestly, many of my inspirations for future projects have started with travel photos.

These quilts have varied greatly in form but the theme has always been the same….it’s a beautiful world and we need to celebrate it!!!!!

Over the next weeks, I will show you some of my “Travel Log Quilts”, so, sit back, get comfortable….here come the vacation photos!!!

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