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Common Objects…unusual art

We are fortunate to have a wonderful local art gallery located in the neighboring city.  The gallery offers a rotating series of exhibits.  One of the current exhibits focuses on using common objects in unusual ways.

While visiting the gallery I was drawn to this 9 piece series by Don Chambers.  He gave the group the name “Cryptomnesia (forgotten memories that appear new to the subject)” and created them from a collection of found photographs.

These faded colors reminded of the photos that I took back in the 1960’s and 1970’s…..

The backs of these photos with their notes and dates remind me of the photos that I found in the back of closets at my Mom’s house…….

And this brought back  memories of those crazy little corners that had stick-um on the back and you would lick them, stick them down and then TRY to get the photo to fit inside of them!!…..

But my favorite piece was this one……

My friend Diane had previously shown a photo and suggested that it would be a great quilt design.  Of course I agreed, but couldn’t tell from the photo exactly what made up the design.  I liked it even better when I saw that it was made from black and white photos with those “dirty white” edges around them.

I still think that it would be a brilliant quilt design….in black and white and maybe a pop of color here and there!!  I think that I will put that into the “SOMEDAY” pile!!!

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