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Mahek is going to Houston… Sort of!!

Back in May, I entered “Mahek, the Market Girl” into the International Quilt Festival (Houston Show) competition.

As we all know by now, Houston was canceled for 2020. and I was so disappointed when my entry fee was returned!

In September, they announced that there would be a “ Virtual Quilt Festival” and that entries were open for the “My Mind” exhibit. I told Michael that I was hesitant to enter the virtual show because I REALLY had wanted the opportunity to see her hang at Houston. As usual, his advice was spot on!!

He counseled me that we didn’t know what the next years were going to be like, and ALL of the shows may be virtual in 2021!! As I thought about that, I decided to go ahead and place the entry.

On Friday, I got an email saying that my quilt had been juried into the virtual show

I am thrilled to bits!!

It won’t be quite the same as walking up to her hanging on the wall as part of one of the exhibitions, but it’s still pretty neat.

I guess now I need to get started on another collage type quilt so that I have something like that to enter next year.

I think that the Virtual Show is actually going to be pretty good. You buy a pass for $10 that allows you to tour all of the online galleries on December 3rd, 4th, and 5th. There are various lectures and workshops that you can take for a $20 fee, and of course, there is a vendor mall…..because we HAVE to buy the newest thing!!!

You can visit THIS LINK to get more information and follow the link there to purchase tickets or register for classes.’

While it won’t be the same as seeing the quilts in person, (and of course there won’t be Mexican Food), it will be an exciting 3 days!!!

5 thoughts on “Mahek is going to Houston… Sort of!!

  1. Congratulations!!! You know I love this piece, I told several people about it and now they can see it. Can’t wait to see what happens in your studio next.

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