IQF Finale…..

This is day thirteen of our tour of my favorite quilts from the International Quilt Festival. I have probably shown 100 quilts but remember that there were over 1,100 of them on display!!!

There were so many different exhibits and today I want to highlight several quilts from the “Color Sequences and Improvisation” exhibit which showcased quilts made by Caroline Oneto. Her work is described as a journey through color, curves, improvisation, and mathematics…..all my favorites!!!

This first quilt uses themes of music and color…..


I love the movement that the free-motion quilting adds to the quilt…..

The basis for the next quilt is sad (1 in 4 people living in urban South America lives in poverty), but the quilt is so interesting…..

“One in Every Four”

I love the colors in this quilt…..

….and especially the informal quilting that ties it together…..

In the “Hands All Around” exhibit, I loved the depth provided by the fabric arrangement in this quilt from Noreen Borys….

It is another example of a simple design where the fabrics did all of the heavy lifting!!!

The “In the American Tradition” exhibit took traditional patterns and morphed them into something NOT traditional. This quilt from Lorainne Woodruff-Long certainly did exactly that……

“Quilt Melt”

This quilt from Susan Lapham and quilted by John Tsiaperas was a wonderful strip pieced quilt……

I love the grid quilting….again it is simple and effective!!

Finally, I leave you with a quilt from Debbie Jeske based on BACON……


….a TASTY way to end!!!

I have loved showing you around the 2022 International Quilt Festival and pointing out some of my favorite quilts and techniques. It has given me a chance to look deeper at the quilts, read the artist’s statements, and gain a greater appreciation for the work that was presented!!

Tomorrow we return to the daily posts about things a bit more mundane but hopefully things that will help you in your creative endeavors!! Please join me!!

It’s Eye-Candy time again!!

Today I want to show a few more quilts that caught my eye at the International Quilt Festival.

There was an exhibit called “Inspired by Washington”, and this quilt from Dana Brennan Hancock was a great depiction of Union Station…..

“Union Station”

This simple, uncluttered design was very effective!!

Wonderfil presented an exhibit called “Layers of Memories” which featured quilts from Katie Fowler. These two were favorites…..

“Square Pegs”
“Thick As A Brick”

When I first looked at this quilt, I thought that the holes were appliqued but, after further inspection, I discovered that they were cut out and layered over the previous brick. SO much easier to accomplish!!

Over the years I have seen numerous quilts made by a group of people where each quilter was supposed to produce a section of an overall picture. This one from the Taiwan Art Quilt Society was by far the best one that I have ever seen……

“Butterfly Garden”

Each quilter provided one panel in this glorious garden…..

It was so effective!!!

Linda and I spoke at length with Priscilla Bianchi from Guatemala….

She had a solo exhibit using traditional Guatemalan fabrics. This was one of my favorites…..

“Rainbow Orange”

With my new-found love of circle piecing, this might be a fun pattern to play with…..someday!!!

And the final one for today is this portrait quilt from Shin Hee-Chin…..

“The Grimke Sisters”

These are the “Grimke” sisters who were advocates of abolition and women’s rights. This quilt was part of the “Deeds Not Words” exhibit.

The quilt becomes much more interesting when you move in closer……

Just look at the embroidery…..

It is amazing how she uses such a rough embroidery technique to show great detail in the faces!!

Well, we are coming to the end of our tour of the International Quilt Festival. Come back tommorrow as we finish it up!!

The Frank Klein Collection

As Linda and I walked around the show we ended up in the Frank Klein Collection. Now you may ask “Who the heck is Frank Klein?”

He is a Texas art collector with an emphasis on the art quilt. His love of family, photography, and nature has developed a collection of fine art quilts that inspires the nature lover in all of us!!…..or so says the poster!!!

The collection that we saw included some of his favorite quilts collected over the past decade.

Fortunately, many of these quilts were MY favorites too and it was fun to re-live quilts of the past few years!!

Kestrel Michaud created this wonderfully sentimental quilt…..

“Brewing Friendship”

Kestrel is also the creator of “Not Today” from the Small Pictorial Category that I posted about a few days back.

I feel that Frank Klein has a fun sense of humor since this quilt by Christine Holden was included…..

“What Happens in the Swamp”

I love the look on the alligator’s face!!

Who can resist this brightly colored New York Beauty quilt from Karla West Dee….


Jane Sassaman had a quilt included too……

“Johnny Jump-Ups”

I think that blue and yellow are perfect together!!

I love the look of this disheveled owl from Pat Bishop…..

“I See”

Betty Busby did LOTS of intricate cutting to create this great quilt…..


Look at the details….

The sweet colors in this quilt from Nancy Sterett Martin are so appealing to me……

“A King on His Throne”

Terry Aske created this colorful quilt…..


…..with some amazing matchstick quilting…..

Wouldn’t it be fun to own all of these quilts!!! I would never get anything done because I would be too busy looking at each one in detail!!

Come back tomorrow and we will look at more eye candy from the International Quilt Festival!!

Let’s Quilt It!!

There was one category at the International Quilt Festival that simply didn’t do much for me. Sadly, it was the machine quilting competition!!

There were 15 quilts in the category. Let me show you a few of them……

The first-place-winning quilt was created by Deb Schultz Grimes…..

“A Tribute to Ricky”

I had trouble getting really good photos of the quilting but found these two images on “The Quilt Show”…..

She did a nice job of creating a LOT of texture with the quilting!!

The Third-Place Ribbon went to Karen Hogan…..

“Trip to America”

She said that it was made with “original digitized quilting designs” so I am assuming that it wasn’t free-hand quilted, although she must be given a lot of credit for designing such an intricate pattern!!

This next quilt was made by Elda Alencar……

“Lencois Maranhenses”

She said that she was a 73-year-old Brazilian quilter who had only discovered machine quilting a few years ago. I would say that she has done pretty well for herself!!

This Christmas offering is from Inger Blood…..

This quilt showcased a scalloped border, Brodereie Perse applique and quilting with metallic thread…..


This final one is from Sharyl Sheppard and it was probably my favorite of all…….

“Jerry’s Pier”

Look at the way she quilted these larger pebbles….

I love the idea of adding something to the inside of the pebbles!!

And these “waves” of FMQ designs were a great addition to the sky…..

There were a huge number of quits with magnificent FMQ, but they were all in other categories.

More eye-catching quilts

As I mentioned yesterday, I am now down to showing a miscellaneous grouping of quilts that caught my eye at the International Quilt Festival.

Get ready for some more!!

There was an exhibition called “I Spy….a Barn Quilt!” and the quilts were certainly bright and cheery…..

I am sorry that I didn’t get the name of the maker of this quilt…..

….but if I was a cow, I am thinking that I might get dizzy heading into the barn for the evening!!!

I loved the bright colors in this one by Cynthia Smith and quilted by Gracie’s Petunias Quilts…..

“Carpenter’s Star”

Don’t you love the quilting that adds a wood grain to this “wooden” quilt!!

Finally is this beauty from Victoria Findlay-Wolfe and quilted by Shelly Pagliai…..


I am a fan of her work and this piece that started with a Lemoyne Star block is amazing!!

Moving right along…..

There was an exhibition called “Celebration of Life” and there were several quilts there that were memorializing people, places and things!!

This first quilt by Charlotte Beech was so much fun to look at……

“Shirt Off His Back”

She made it using shirts from a friend who has since passed from Alzheimer’s.

I love the way she used the stripes and plaids to create the hexagons…..

This fun quilt from Marina Panzhinskaya celebrated her daughter’s wedding, her new family and their joint unconditional love for cats!!!

“City Cats”

I am not sure what I liked best…..

…..the expressions on the cat’s faces……

….the wonky city border……

…or the absolutely STUNNING quilting…..

Spoiler alert…..I bought a tool and book about quilting these intricate designs!!

The final quilt is from one of my all-time favorite quilters….. Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry…..

“Watch Master”

This quilt is a homage to her father who was a watch repairman.

It is yet another example of how Caryl has reinvented herself over the years. Oh to be like her!!!

That’s all for today but on Friday there will be more…..