In search of a diet coke….

While visiting the International Quilt Festival, my friend (Linda) and I were desperate for a Diet Coke and there was NONE to be had….not in the convention center, not in the hotel. What were we going to do?

In desperation, we pulled up Google Maps and found that there was a small grocery store just a few blocks from us and we headed in that direction. Before we reached the store, we found an almost deserted mall that had a small restaurant that had PLENTY of Diet Cokes!!! We were saved!!

I loved the architecture of the mall…..

…and immediately started thinking of quilt designs using those windows!!!

On the way back to the show, we passed a small park where a 15th Birthday Celebration was being held……

It was fun to see the complete disinterest from all of the men in this photo!!

We returned to the show, caffeinated and with our thirst quenched…..

My favorites from IQF

Sometimes a quilt just resonates with your soul. When you look at it you think….. “Wow….I love what they did there”!!

These are a few of my favorites from the Internation Quilt Festival….

These first two quilts make me want to move to Taiwan, specifically to Taoyuan City. These two amazing quilters are from there and obviously influence each other’s work…..

“Courtyard” by Yu-Chen Liang
“Traditional Hand-drying Noodle Maker” by Hsiu-Pei Hsieh

Personally, I just want to see these scenes, never mind actually making the quilt!!! AND, seeing the tiny slivers of fabric is giving me more ideas about how to add grasses to my stork background!!

This quilter is from the same area…..

“Solo In the Sunset” by Chen Shu Hui

I wonder if they had a workshop about how to use slivers of fabric effectively?? If so, they nailed the technique!!

All three of these quilts were covered with tulle before quilting.

This quilter is from a slightly different part of Taiwan….

“Beyond the Arch” by Shu-Li-Hsu

These ladies obviously have a talent for pictorial quilts!!!

This quilt was very striking…..

“Tribute” by Karen Hull Sienk

It was simple in design, but the pieced background made it stunning!!

Here is a shot of the detail in the trees…..

In the humorous category…..

“Church Ladies” by Margery Hedges

This quilt celebrates a quilting bee and the first time that they were able to get back together after the pandemic…

“Hazmat Quilters – 2021 Edition” by Gina Krejsa

We have all smiled those same smiles when were could be together again!!!

This next quilt was just sweet…..

“Mpala, Big Sis” by Sandra Mollon

Although a closer look shows her amazing use of commercial fabrics!!

In the “It made me smile” category…..

“Vitamin Field” by Mihuki Humphries

In her description of the quilt, she even says that she wanted to make a quilt that makes people who see it feel good!! She certainly achieved that goal!!

And finally…..

“Dreama’s Blooms” by Shelly Watson with Darlene Szabo”

This quilt was based on a painting and her goal was to create a quilt that maintained the impressionist style of the original painting…..DONE!!!

It is made from snippets….larger snippets….but still from thousands of pieces of fabric. It is not covered with Tulle but is heavily quilted.

These are just a few of my favorites…the ones that truly captured my imagination!!

I love to look at other people’s photos from a quilt show. Often I will say “Wow….I don’t remember that quilt”.

This is just another example of how we view the world thru our personal “Quilt Colored Glasses”!!

Thanks for joining me on this tour of IQF – 2021!! I can’t wait for next year!!

That’s a LOT of pink

Each year, Cherrywood Fabrics hosts a challenge using a bundle of their fabric. For 2021, the challenge was one word….”Diana”!!

Participants were asked to memorialize Diana using a limited palette of hand-dyed fabric from Cherrywood. Each quilt had to be 20″ x 20″

The display was stunning…..

….although I did hear one person exclaim that “it looks like Barbie threw up”!!

As you can see there were MANY quilts to enjoy but these were a few of my favorites…..

“Queen of Hearts” by Kathy Allen
“Pink With Passion” by Carolyn Crump
“Impressions” by Grace Russell
“Remember Diana” by Joy Palmer
“Shy Di” by Terri Krysan
“Demure Diana” by BettySutherland
“Princess Plaid” by Sharon Thomsen
“In and Out of the Shadow” by Teresa Stoller

Next year’s challenge is “Graffiti” using these fabrics…..

Maybe you should sign up!!!

New techniques at IQF

I am always amazed to see what new techniques and ideas that quilters come up with and this year at the International Quilt Festival was NOT disappointing!!

The 3-dimensional “feathers” on this quilt…..

“Two Faces” by Hyesook Han

….were made from lots of different textures of fabric…..

This quilt doesn’t photograph well……

“Irresistable Wind” by Mikyung Hung

…but it’s construction was interesting. It was quilted first and then the appliques were added…..

It gave the quilt more dimension and would sure have been easier to do!!

There was a grouping of 2-sided quilts by Kathy York. It was fun to walk from one side to the other and see how the two sides interacted with each other!!

This one was probably my favorite…..

This quilt looks intricately pieced, but all of the lines are actually a wide satin stitch……

“Cubes” by Nancy Lambert

I know the maker of this quilt and she said that the thread made the quilt surprisingly heavy!!

This is a painted quilt and was very interesting to explore……

“Fire in the Stone Mosaic” by Kimberly Lacy

When you get up close and personal, you can see the painting technique that provided so much dimension….

This technique was really effective!!!

In the “hand-made” category, we found this fun quilt……

“Train to Nowhere” by Cheryl See

The tiny villages were cute in themselves, but the train chugging around the perimeter was what made it…..

We are getting to the end of my IQF report but come back tomorrow for a few more!!!

Pictoral quilts at IQF

As I walked around the International Quilt Festival in Houston, it became clear that collage quilting has taken a good hold in the quilting industry. And, as I expected there were some amazing quilts that fell into this category.

I have always been interested in water and rocks but this quilt blew my mind….

“River Rocks” by Sandra Mollon

I loved the depth that she found with her fabric choices and the water is beautifully done. It looked as if the water was hand-dyed and she mentioned doing some inking. It was definitely one of my favorites.

This little boy……

“Summer Fun” by Marina Laudi and Fabia Diniz

…..was spectacular. In her artist statement, she said that the water reflections were a challenge. Most of the quilt was constructed with pure silk….opaque for dry areas and another for the shiny, wet areas.

Just look at the stitching…..

The “Birds of a Feather” exhibit produced many gorgeous quilts such as this one……

“Heron Loft” by Sara Sharp

In particular, I love the lighting in this quilt and she did a great job in letting you know exactly where the sun was coming from!!!

This swan…..

“The Mute Swan” by Sandra Mollon

….was a fantastic mixture of fabric collage and detailed quilting. In particular, I loved the water…..

…especially the additional tiny white beads to provide some shimmer in the foam.

Probably my favorite quilt in the show was this one……

“Welcome Home” by David Taylor

The detail was eye-popping, down to the metal studs in the swing.

Then there was this quilt…..

“Dune Seasons” by Ann Loveless

The quilt has 2 panels for each season and flows from Spring on the left to winter on the right.

Here is a video that will let you get a bit closer…..

In some respects, it is a simple design, but the attention to detail made it outstanding…..

One of the things that caught my eye were these couched threads…..

I am thinking that they would be perfect to add to the marshland that my stork will be standing in!!!

I will leave you with one more photo of one of the panels…..

Come back tomorrow for some of my favorites!!