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Under the ‘shroom

I love photographic technology!! It started when Michael (my boyfriend at the time) was given a Canon SLR camera along with a couple of lenses. As he learned how to use the equipment, he taught me as well.

We SWORE that we would ever move to digital photography but after taking 10 photos with our new point-and-shoot digital, we were hooked!!!

And then came cell phones and I loved the fact that I had a camera with me at ALL times. And the other fun thing about the cell phone camera is that it can get into spaces where another camera simply wouldn’t go.

This photo is a great example of that perk……

This giant mushroom photo was taken by placing the camera on the ground beneath the canopy and snapping away.

I love the lacy quality of the underside and now I understand why pixies like to sit under mushrooms!!!

3 thoughts on “Under the ‘shroom

  1. Such a great picture! My hubby has a new do-everything camera and it will take YEARS to learn all the functions. I admit, I point and shoot, and my cell is good enough for me.

    1. One of my goals for the spring is to learn more about our DSLR camera. We are in Africa for 10 weeks next year (hopefully) and my job is to take photos for a book that my husband is writing!!!

      1. Sounds like a good time! And you will like all the features, I’m sure. My problem is there are so many cameraphiles in my family that I just don’t bother.

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