Golden Hour Walks

I love to walk early in the morning and watch the sunrise as I stroll along.

Unfortunately, the exercise “quotient” is lower on these walks because I am constantly stopping to take photos in the gorgeous “Golden Hour” (1-hour after sunrise).

This is one of my shots from a few weeks ago…..

How can you see this and NOT have a wonderful day???


I love taking photos that play with perspective, and iPhones are the BEST for this…….

I love being able to get down to ground-level and even with the subject WITHOUT having to actually get down on the ground!!

Now here is a photo for perspective….

Isn’t that fun!!!

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Acrobatic Butterflies

We have several HUGE Lantana bushes on our property and we love the pink, orange and yellow flowers that magically appear each year…..

Interestingly, this particular plant is considered a noxious weed in Australia, and our friends were horrified that we actually PLANTED them in our gardens!!

Michael and I call them our “butterfly bushes” because they are often covered with various varieties of winged flyers.

I spent a few minutes taking photos and loved the images that I captured……

This guy even gave me an acrobatic display….

These were all taken with my iPhone, using the holding technique that I described in this post about photographing quilts…..

What is your favorite camera??