Acrobatic Butterflies

We have several HUGE Lantana bushes on our property and we love the pink, orange and yellow flowers that magically appear each year…..

Interestingly, this particular plant is considered a noxious weed in Australia, and our friends were horrified that we actually PLANTED them in our gardens!!

Michael and I call them our “butterfly bushes” because they are often covered with various varieties of winged flyers.

I spent a few minutes taking photos and loved the images that I captured……

This guy even gave me an acrobatic display….

These were all taken with my iPhone, using the holding technique that I described in this post about photographing quilts…..

What is your favorite camera??

iPhone angles….

On our walk the other morning, Michael and I came across this mushroom……

Using my iPhone, I was able to get underneath it and take this photo from a different angle……

….and then go a bit deeper still…..

I love the circular “vase” at the base of the ‘shroom and I would NEVER have seen that without the phone.

The other “accident” were the dew drops on each of the grass blades.

Those just make me HAPPY!!!


Normally, when there is a hole in the roof, it means that something is wrong.

But at the Pantheon in Rome, it is all part of the architecture!!!

I could spend hours in this round building, watching the sun as it moves across the dome, slowly changing the shadows in each of the alcoves!!

If there ever was an inspirational building, this is it!!!!

Great photos…quilts & otherwise

Over the last few days, I have enjoyed showing you the photos I took of my quilts at the local Botanic Garden.

This last set was probably my favorite!!

There is a small sculpture garden called the “Garden of Imagination” and it features children enjoying the nature around them……

I decided this would be the perfect staging area with the “children”……

And the teacher deserved a quilt as well……

While in this area, I was approached by a woman from Chicago who was on a teacher’s retreat. She was also a quilter and we enjoyed a few minutes of discussion about our passions!!! As always…..quilters are the BEST!!!

Now, let’s change tracks and talk about the reason that these photos turned out so well!!

A few months ago, I purchased an online I-Phone Photography course from the “I-Phone Photo Academy.” I am leary of purchasing these sorts of courses, but I had seen a lot of very well-done, FREE, videos from this company and decided to give it a try.

I am SO glad that I did!!!

The first several lessons were about the photo functions that are specific to the I-Phone and I will need to watch those videos over and over again to get them all in my mind.

The rest of the videos have been about framing photos, about looking at the subject from different sides and angles, and about taking photos that are perfect as they are taken…..without cropping!!!

The photos that I have shown over the three days have only a minimal amount of cropping and I am happy with that new insight!!

I will share the first tip that was presented in the videos because it was KEY to taking all of these amazing quilt pictures!!

It’s all about how you hold the camera!!!

His suggestion is that, if you are right-handed, you hold the camera in your left hand, with your thumb and little finger on each side of the phone…..

He suggests carrying the phone in this position when you are looking for photo opportunities……

When you are ready to take a photo, lift the phone up and use your right thumb to press the shutter button…..

It sounds silly, but it is a much more comfortable angle and the camera is held super steady so you don’t get out-of-focus pictures.

But, back to the course……

Emil Pakarklis is an excellent host for this series. He films in beautiful Latvia and his quiet manner gives information that you need, in a way that is easy to learn.

I would HIGHLY recommend the course to anyone wanting better photos from their phone!!

Now I just need to get to my studio to make more quilts so that I can have more quilts to photograph…..

It’s a vicious…..but enjoyable.…..cycle!!!!

Quilts in the Garden – Part 2

How do you photograph your finished quilts???

Normally, I take a standard photo of the quilt hanging on my design wall……

I attempt to photograph it straight and then crop close to remove any excess wall.

Let’s be honest, this is about as boring as it gets!!!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I recently spent a lovely 3 hours photographing three quilts in an outdoor setting…..the Georgia State Botanical Garden!!

After leaving the “tunnel” area, I came on a kids fort with a rope wall…..the perfect place for a baby quilt to hang……

I tried valiantly to hang it without pins, but ended up having to press two into the rope to keep it from sliding as I photographed. I was SUPER careful to remove the pins and take them away with me!!

In this area there were even more mushrooms and they provided a great backdrop to some “low-down” photos of one of the folded quilts…..

I looked behind me and saw three climbing rings that worked perfectly for a “group” photo…..

The sun really shows the colors shining thru, almost making them appear luminescent!!

One last fence in a handicap parking area was my last backdrop in this area….

I absolutely love the trees in the bakground!!

At this point I was hot, sweaty and ready for a cool drink…..

…..but there was still one more setting to visit…..

Stop back by on Tuesday for photos from this area.

I will also share information about an online I-phone photography course that has greatly improved my photos.

I promise that it will be…….

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash