Polly Want A Cracker…

Back in the 1980’s Michael and I spent 6 years in Canberra Australia and loved every minute of the time!!

We were particularly enamored with the birds and horrified our Aussie neighbors by chasing a Sulfur-Crested-Cockatoo all around the neighborhood trying to get a good photo. We then learned that it had a nest in the tree in our back yard!!!

In 2008 we returned to the Sunburnt country to visit with friends and for Michael to do some work. Fortunately, some of the visiting took place on a sailboat in the Whitsunday Islands!!! Many mornings we had visits from a series of Cockatoo’s who were waiting for the proverbial cracker!!

I attempted to shade the sun with my hand but I am extremely glad that my efforts failed!!

2 thoughts on “Polly Want A Cracker…

  1. Lovely photo.
    At certain times of the year we have these characters landing in large flocks in our trees. They are usually well behaved but can sometimes strip a tree in minutes.

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