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Virtual Quilt-A-Long

Yesterday was another first for me…. I participated in a virtual quilt-a-long!! Our guild has been looking for ways to get our members together more often so we tried a Q-A-L. The numbers were small but we had a great time!!

We were following a challenge and the first clue was to use a circle in the design. I knew that I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on this project but still wanted to participate and this first clue reminded me of a book that I was planning to work thru……

So, I decided that I would kill two birds with one stone and try to follow the challenge clues while learning how to make a face in fabric….smart huh!!

While everybody else dug into their fabric, I started working thru the steps to draw a face. The book did a great job of teaching how to find the proportions of the face….

I started with the circle (arc) pieces….

….and then moved to the second clue….flying geese!!

After a few minutes of thought, I decided that she could have necklace of geese shaped beads…..

I will add a “chain” to it and may add some 3-D beads between the geese.

Next, we were supposed to add something with lines….either in cut strips or in a fabric. I excitedly searched for this one particular fabric in my stash…..

…and sliced it into lots of little strips…..

I had SO much fun playing with these strips and LOVE her hair….

Next clue said to add a house or architectural element such as a window or door. Since the eyes are said to be the window to the world….that was my invitation to work on her eyes…..

At this point the Q-A-L time was over and I had to move on to some other projects so here she sits…nose-less and mouth-less!!! But, MAN do I like her hair!!

Future clues include adding an X or cross, adding squares, putting a heart on it, and then one element of my own choosing. I don’t really know that I will continue with the challenge but sure plan to finish her up!!

For now she will be a mascot on my design wall….urging me on!!

Here is the progress from the other participants…..

There will be some WONDERFUL projects coming from this morning.

It was fun to have a view into our member’s sewing rooms and to be able to chat at different times thru the morning. I definitely want to do this again!!!!

Maybe you can join us next time!!

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