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Sweet Marley

This past week my daughter, Jenny, had to have her sweet dog put down. Marley was Jenny’s first dog and we remember when she first arrived on the scene as a little bundle of energy……

Michael and I soon named her the “Tulip Muncher” as NO flowers were safe from her…..

Her favorite spot to sit in our house was in a chair in front of the window….because she HAD to know EVERYTHING that was going on……

One time my Mother-In-Law, Esther, was sitting in that chair and Marley jumped up beside her. Michael and I laughed as Marley slowly inched her butt back into the chair, effectively pushing Esther out!!!

Early on in her life, I wanted to immortalize her in fabric and used this photo as my pattern…..

This was the finished product…the first of my collage quilts……

The judge of our local show said that she had “soulful” eyes!!!

I once read a quote that said “The beagle sings a merry tune as she follows her nose through life” and that quote WAS Marley!!!

Rest in Peace Sweet girl!!!

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