I’m excited!!!

Yesterday I wrote about setting up a task board for my studio with the idea to finish up some of my projects. And TODAY I am writing about a new project that I am thinking about.

I am not sure that is how it should work, but………

As we traveled in Cotauda 11 in Mozambique, I kept seeing a magnificent bird called a Saddle-Billed Stork. I mentioned him during our first trip, but on this second trip, I got to spend some concerted effort in photographing one.

Happily, late one afternoon, one of the specimens strutted up and down in front of me and posed perfectly…..

I have already put the photo into Photoshop and applied a couple of filters to it. I think there is DEFINITELY a quilt here…..

But first….let’s finish a thing or two on my list!!!!

As Blue Goes By….

Back in 2010 our guild proposed a challenge called “I’m So Blue”. It had to include the color blue and also have some form of fabric embellishment.

Unusually for me, I had my idea MONTHS before the due date, and it came from the British Sit-Com, “As time Goes By”. In that show there is a picture on the wall that has a dresser with a single flower in a vase and I had always been drawn to it.

I started out by pulling blue scraps and placing them around a piece of lightweight fusible interfacing…..

I did my usual internet research and came up with an interesting looking chest to use…..

….and also found this flower design…..

I added a vase and flipped the flower to one side….

After everything was cut out and fused down, it was time to add the embellishment. I wanted the chest to have an antique look so decided to sponge paint a bit of color…..

Since I was playing with paint, I also added a bit of stenciling (you can see it at the top of the above photo).

After adding a border and a few more details, I declared that “As Blue Goes By” was finished…..

But this was not the end to the “I’m So Blue” challenge…..come back tomorrow for the next entry!!!

Sweet Marley

This past week my daughter, Jenny, had to have her sweet dog put down. Marley was Jenny’s first dog and we remember when she first arrived on the scene as a little bundle of energy……

Michael and I soon named her the “Tulip Muncher” as NO flowers were safe from her…..

Her favorite spot to sit in our house was in a chair in front of the window….because she HAD to know EVERYTHING that was going on……

One time my Mother-In-Law, Esther, was sitting in that chair and Marley jumped up beside her. Michael and I laughed as Marley slowly inched her butt back into the chair, effectively pushing Esther out!!!

Early on in her life, I wanted to immortalize her in fabric and used this photo as my pattern…..

This was the finished product…the first of my collage quilts……

The judge of our local show said that she had “soulful” eyes!!!

I once read a quote that said “The beagle sings a merry tune as she follows her nose through life” and that quote WAS Marley!!!

Rest in Peace Sweet girl!!!

Five years ago…..

There are certain things in each of our personal histories that we will NEVER forget!!! It may be a wedding, a birth or even a death.

Sometimes though it is an accomplishment and that is what I am remembering today.

In October of 2015, Michael and I participated in a 10 day trek in the Himalayas, climaxing at Annapurna Base Camp!! On October 8, 2015 we reached what seemed to be the top of the world…..

At the top with our guide Badri

After 6 hard days of climbing stairs and crossing rivers, we were there!!

The scenery was astounding…..

….and the sense of accomplishment was huge!!!

Interestingly, one of my favorite parts of the day was spent by myself in a dry lake bed, just enjoying the sight of the mountains surrounding me and hearing the glaciers breaking and falling on far slopes

Naturally, when I got home there had to be a quilt about this trip and inspiration started with the Buddhist shrines and Stupas that we passed on our journey and also the prayer flags that fluttered in the breeze.

Those inspirations and ruminations resulted in “Himalayan Hallows”……

I was pleased when it was accepted as into the “Tactile Architecture” exhibit in 2017 and loved that it traveled during that year.

This is what I wrote about the quilt for the exhibit and I think that it is the best description that I could ever give…..

I almost feel that this quilt should be called “Serendipity” because so many things happened during the construction that were not planned by me but ended up being exactly what I wanted to portray.  I started the project knowing that I wasn’t sure how I would complete it and  that at any point, I might ruin it, but decided that I just wanted to enjoy the process and see what happened.

As I worked on it, I thought about our 10 days of trekking to the Annapurna Base Camp and how the mountain called Machapucherie was always in our view.  It is the highest peak portrayed in the quilt.

I also fondly remembered the Nepalese guides and porters who assisted us on this journey, and of the great care that they showed for each of the trekkers.  I  remembered how hard it was to say goodbye to them at the end of the trip and how we waved and waved until they were out of sight.

Finally, as I worked, I could smell the  wood smoke pouring from the teahouses and hear the sound of  the bells that hung around the necks of the pack animals that walked the trails with us. 

My  husband and I are privileged to have the opportunity to travel overseas often and I love making quilts that come from these journeys, but this one will always have a very special place in my heart and in my mind.

Inspiration Tuesday

Back in 2011, Michael and I enjoyed spending a week in Thailand with two sets of friends that we knew from Australia. We had 2 days in Bangkok and the rest of the time in Chiang-Mai. While there we visited an elephant preserve and spent many fun hours there. The post about the day can be found HERE.

As we were wandering around enjoying all of the amazing animals, this little guy did a ballerina pose for the camera…..

He has stayed in my mind for many years and I think that it might be fun to make a collage quilt using”Ballerina Boy” as the focus. Who knows, I MIGHT even go out of my comfort zone and do him in non-traditional colors…..but don’t hold your breath about that!!! I mean, they call it a “comfort zone” for a reason!!!