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“A Whale of a Time”

Yesterday I posted about the next steps in making a fun baby quilt.

Now it was time to finish it up!!

I sewed the strip-sets together with straight lines and was happy with how it looked…..

It did make a lot of difference to have occasional straight lines among all of the curves.

Once the entire back was put together……

….it was time to trim it into a proper rectangle. I once again used my Laser Square to show the edges….

….and then cut carefully along that long red line…..

Now it was time to fuse down the appliques……

….and add the borders…….

I picked this variegated thread to use in the water areas…..

Yes, I know that this is a serger thread, but I have NEVER had any problems quilting with it and I LOVE the colors that it comes in!!

I used my “Dog grooming bars” to keep the quilt up off of the table and added another table just under my right elbow to keep the quilt from pulling that direction….

Most of the quilting was done with soft curves…..

….although I had to be careful to quilt along EVERY ONE of the fused edges.

When I first started quilting, I thought that it looked horrible but as I added more and more lines, it became more likable!!

When I got to the sky area, I decided to do something different…..

But, it looked horrible, so I spent an hour and unpicked all of it and started over with more curves…..smaller curves this time!!

As I quilted I was concerned because the quilt felt stiff. I wasn’t sure if that was from the spray basting, the fused fabric, or some other anomaly that I didn’t know. I was scared that it wasn’t going to be a “cuddly” baby quilt.

Here is the final photo before washing…..

….and everything does look nice and crisp.

But I am much happier with the photo AFTER washing…..

Now you can see the softness and feel it too!!

Many thanks to my daughter for asking me to make this quilt. It was a fun diversion!!

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