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Ocean background….

Last weekend I posted about learning to make the curved strips.

They were put together in a series of sets of 4 or 5 strips…..

When it was time to fuse these strips together, I knew that it was important to keep the strip sets straight. If they are angled in any way then sewing the straight lines together with cause the piece to be angled.

But how was I going to keep them straight!!!

Happily, I had an idea to use freezer paper on my ironing board to keep them straight…..

I first ironed a piece of freezer paper on the ironing board…..

…..and then drew parallel lines on the paper…..

Now I had a guide to use to keep the strips straight!!

I moved each strip set to the ironing board…..

…..and split it up into strips…..

I started with the one un-cut strip and placed it on the line…..

I then kept adding strips……

….making sure that the outside lines stayed straight.

Once I was happy with the lines, I removed the Wonder-Under strips…..

…..and ironed it all in place.

When I was finished, EACH strip set was perfectly straight…..

…..and ready to be sewed together!!

Come back tomorrow to see the finished quilt!!!

It is a cute one!!!

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