Vintage Lambs….part 1

Michael and I have a wonderful friend named Katie and she and her husband are expecting their first child…..a bouncing, baby girl!!!

Naturally, my first question was “what are your colors and themes”. She knew exactly why I was asking so she smiled sweetly and said “Peach colors and 1950’s Lambs”!!

1950’s Lambs???

When I started doing a google search, I kept coming up with tchotchkes like these…..

While they were cute, they weren’t a good design to work from!!

I then remembered the baby quilt that my Mom had made for me….. it had an applique lamb on it…..

….but it was so bady worn that I couldn’t really see any of the details to use it as a pattern!!


I had to send an email to our Guild membership about another subject and added a line to it asking if anyone had 1950’s style lamb patterns and several people sent photos and ideas. But Rosie, told me to change my google search to “VINTAGE” lamb patterns. Not only did she put me on the right path for searching, but she also sent a “coloring page” that she had found when she searched…..

I took one look at it and was sure that I didn’t need to search any further!!!

Next step is the background…..come back Wednesday!!!

Charity Quilt Practice

Back in 1990, our guild decided to begin making quilts for the local battered women’s shelter. The idea was that the families often left home in a hurry, not able to bring any of their possessions with them. We decided to provide a stash of quilts for the safehouse so that the kids could pick a quilt that was theirs to KEEP…..FOREVER!!

I was SO excited about this opportunity and especially excited because it gave me a REASON to keep making quilts. You see, back then, I thought that I had to have a reason. Don’t worry, that idea has changed now!!

At the time, I was early in my quilting career and wanted to try some machine applique using a satin stitch. I found a cute pattern and WENT FOR IT……

It was one of the first quilts that we donated and I love to think about some scared and hurting child being comforted by this sweet quilt!!

Do you have a favorite charity that you make quilts for????

Go For It Girl!!

Two years ago, my friend Cleo passed away. This is the post that I wrote upon hearing of her death….

A mutual friend has been given the task of cleaning out her studio, and on Monday night she presented me with this……

Back in 2011, my friend Deb and I had co-chaired our local quilt show and we made these small wallhangings to thank all of the chairmen who had worked with us. Follow THIS LINK to see the rest of the quilts.

This was the quilt that I had made for Cleo!!

I had so much fun playing with 3-dimensional flowers and a few beads as well…..

And, the little pin at the bottom right…..

….was from a future show where I made pins to thank my chairmen.

This quilt means so much to me!!!

Today, I hung it up in my studio and, as I wrote to my friend Deb, “it will be as if Cleo is right there looking over my shoulder!!”

Deb wrote back and said…. “If you’re imagining Cleo looking over your shoulder, imagine her saying “GO FOR IT!!”

Don’t we all need someone telling us to …

I hope your day is full of go…go…..go!

America’s Cup

Having been born and raised in West Texas, I had never heard of the “America’s Cup”…..let alone know that it was a yacht race run every 4 years, and HEAVILY contested between the ocean-loving countries.

The current year race ended this past week, with New Zealand beating out the Italian challenger. Every time the race is run, Michael and I remember our “first” America’s Cup…….

In 1981 we moved to Canberra, Australia….a country that LOVES yacht racing!! In 1983, it was time for another contest, and our friends and my fellow employees were determined that we knew ALL about it.

It seems that the cup had previously only been won by the Americans and the trophy had been held in New York since 1851. Well this year, the Aussies were out for blood!!

As we moved into the final races between Australia and America, the smack talk ran rampant!! The two countries battled evenly with races being split between them.

Then it was time for the final race!!!

Since it was held in the US, we had to get up REALLY early to watch it, and Michael and I huddled around our little black and white TV loudly urging our American compatriates to sail faster and smarter than the Aussies. And they were!!!

The race was nearing the end and the US was ahead by several minutes so Michael and I felt comfortable leaving to shower and get ready for work…..ready to RUB THE WIN into everyone’s faces.

BUT, 45 minutes later we turned the TV back on to find that the Australian team had taken a wider tack than the Americans, caught some amazing wind and were now in the LEAD!! NOOOOOO!!

Yes, the Royal Perth Yacht Club had indeed won the America’s Cup and brought glory (and the cup) to Australia!!

Michael and I both knew that it was going to be a rough day at work so we fashioned black arm bands to wear in mourning and left for our offices.

I think that most of the office was already there to greet me when I walked in. They escorted me to my cubicle which was properly festooned with black crepe paper and a small black wreath was attached to my window!!

I ate crow for the rest of the day, although they did allow me to participate in the cake and champagne celebration!!

In 2006 (some 23 years later), I wanted to make a quilt for Aussie friends who loved sailing and I chose this fun design……

It reminds me of the great yachts, the wonderful Australian friends and the fun ribbing that took place…..

Well done New ZEALAND!!!!

Sailing Energy/Getty Images
Dave Rowland/Getty Images

Throw Back Thursday….my first “Art” quilt

Amber, our Daughter-In-Law came into our life back in 2006 and in July of 2010 she married our son Brian.

Amber trained as an art teacher and was in the classroom over 10 years, recently leaving the classroom to become an instructional coach. Back in the early days of her teaching I wanted to make something that could be used to decorate her classroom and, of course, it had to be a quilt!!

I had so much fun making this quilt with just a basic idea in mind……

At this stage of my quilting career, I was making quilts that were fairly traditional in nature, never having even thought about making an “art quilt”!! So, I laughingly call this my “First Art Quilt”!!

Fortunately it hasn’t been my last!!!