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I have been posting this week about the quilt that my friend Marnie is making. When I last left you, we were at this stage…..

Now it was time to place the outside edges. These were a bit painful to do because the curves were a little funky….

Of course, it didn’t help that we failed to trace from the reverse side of the pattern and the curves curved in the wrong direction. Okay….let’s re-do that.

Once we figured out our error, it was quick to add the side pieces…..

The pattern was designed to have a very thin sliver of black fabric but we quickly decided to draw that on instead…..

That was a good idea!!!

Once the entire guitar was designed, I cut it out so that it could be attached to the background.

I cut TOO far over and ended up cutting off part of the guitar neck and frets!!!


We ended up pulling off one of the fret bars, placing the new fabric on, and then covering the seam up with the new fret bar!!!

Frustrating…..yes…..but it worked out okay!!!

We added the strings and placed the entire guitar on a collaged background fabric…..

Marnie is especially happy with the “Amazing Grace” sheet music….

We had to take a couple of weeks off for the holidays but this week we are working to add a few embellishments and then get it ready to quilt.

Keep coming back for even more……

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  1. This is so amazing. Was there a pattern you used for the original design. I have several guitar players in my house. Would love to make one as well.

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