Coconut Grove Inspiration

Back in 2016, we spent 5 weeks in China and 3 weeks in India on one trip!! At the end of the India portion, we spent a few days in the Backwaters of Kerala. There was one day on a houseboat and two days at Coconut Grove, an amazing small island in the Backwaters.

One of our favorite things about our island stay was that each bungalow had an outside toilet….

But that’s not the inspiration…..

One of the buildings had this embellishment…..

….and THAT is my inspiration.

It would translate beautifully into a quilt block or even an entire quilt!!!

Would you ever make a quilt like this???

Now that you are inspired…..if you want to read more about our days in the Backwaters, check out this blog post which includes information about how to make a Pookkalam. And yes, that is a teaser to get you to check out the blog!!!

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