Botero Inspiration

When we were visiting Bogota back in 2015, I learned about the works of Fernando Botero, a figurative artist, and sculptor from Colombia.

I found his paintings humorous as he painted an “enlarged” view of his subjects…..

“Una Familia”

Even his fruit bowls were rotund……

But what I really liked were his flower arrangements…..

Wouldn’t it be fun to use one of these paintings as inspiration for a Botero-shaped collage quilt?

I know….I know…..something else to add to my list of future projects!!!

….which reminds me of a great quote from Gilmore Girls…..

“Hey, do you know that if the entire population of China walked by, the line would never end because of the rate of population increase? That’s my list, every Chinese person in the world.”

In search of a diet coke….

While visiting the International Quilt Festival, my friend (Linda) and I were desperate for a Diet Coke and there was NONE to be had….not in the convention center, not in the hotel. What were we going to do?

In desperation, we pulled up Google Maps and found that there was a small grocery store just a few blocks from us and we headed in that direction. Before we reached the store, we found an almost deserted mall that had a small restaurant that had PLENTY of Diet Cokes!!! We were saved!!

I loved the architecture of the mall…..

…and immediately started thinking of quilt designs using those windows!!!

On the way back to the show, we passed a small park where a 15th Birthday Celebration was being held……

It was fun to see the complete disinterest from all of the men in this photo!!

We returned to the show, caffeinated and with our thirst quenched…..

More architectural inspiration

This is a photo looking up into a small Buddhist Pagoda in Kunming, China……

I do love the mix of colors, although I am not sure that my color sense would ever allow me to put those particular ones together.

But more importantly, I enjoy the architectural styling and the depth that you see.

And I wonder if that is something that I could recreate in fabric?

Maybe I will give it a try one day….but probably with different colors!!!

Inspiration Tuesday….

Now that the Mozambique trip is officially over, I can go back to showing photos and designs that inspire me to make quilts…..more quilts than I would EVER be able to make!!!

In 2018, we spent several weeks in China and one Friday, I went out for a walk in Kunming. I ended up in an area that had lots of military statues and murals. If you like, you can read about the outing HERE.

Among the stonework, I found this stylized flower garden…..

Can’t you see this made with various green strips of fabric for the stems and leaves and bright ovals for the flowers.

Now that I look at the photo, I see the one flower that is different. I wonder why they did that!!!!

As I always say…..Inspiration is EVERYWHERE!!!!