Mandala Art….

My friend Debora is a wonderful quilter who has recently turned her talents to paper and pen, in particular working with Mandala patterns.

She recently went “upscale” with her art and moved it off the paper and onto the wall. This video details her work……

If you want to see more of Debora’s art, check her out on Instagram…. @debora.exum or have a stroll thru her youtube channel.

This very much reminds me of the Henna Tattoo quilt that I did several years back…..

And as I think about it further, maybe I should use a Mandala design and plan another whole-cloth project……

……One more idea to add to the pot!!!

Inspiration Tuesday

Today’s inspiration comes from a trip to China back in 2011. We spent 5 weeks in the city of Kunming and I spent much of that time wandering around Green Lake, in the middle of the city.

One of my favorite things was to watch the various exercise classes that took place around the lake. In particular, these ladies (whom I have named the “Umbrella Dancers of Green Lake”) captured my eye…..

I have already started working up some of their poses for a possible project!!

Beer Can Inspiration

If it is Tuesday, it must be time for more……

As my readers know, I am always looking for inspiration in everything that I see.

But, I LOVE it when my friends start finding inspiration for me. Diane brought this can out the other night and said “I thought of you when I saw this”…….

I really do like the colors and the design reminds me a bit of the Henna designs that I used previously in my whole-cloth quilt…..

So the photo goes into the “Quilt Inspiration” folder….who knows what might come of it!!!