A few weeks ago I had to pick Michael up at the International Airport in Atlanta.

While I was waiting for him, I noticed this “blob” suspended from the ceiling….

….and marked as “AirportArt”.

Okay…it is somewhat interesting!!

THEN, I looked closer and realized that it was made from a series of chains and was moving in the wind…..

Oh, how I would love to capture that sort of movement in a quilt!!!

Tower of Inspiration….

Back in 2007, Michael and I spent 2 months in Oxford England while he was acting as a “Visiting Research Fellow” at Merton College.

We lived in this fun, 3-story house across the street from the College……

While we were there, we would often catch the train into London and spend the day sightseeing.

One of our favorite trips was to visit the Tower of London, and it was there that I once again found a fun quilt inspiration.

In the armory area, there were open stud walls and this particular one sported bricks in between the studs…..

Wouldn’t it be fun to use this idea to make a strip quilt using this inspiration……

I can see using scrap fabrics for the “bricks” and maybe adding a small strip in between to represent the grout, or maybe just butting the fabric bricks up against one another.

You could even sew LONG strips of bricks and just cut them to the size needed.

Now I am thinking that I need to explore this further!!!

That is the problem with posting inspirations…..they often lead to MORE quilts!!!

Does this photo make you think about a quilt??