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It’s quilt-time with Marnie…

Back in October, I posted about the “fabric pull” for a quilt that my friend Marnie is making one of her friends….

Over the next few weeks, we started adding fabrics to the design…. LOTS of smaller pieces…..

….but after looking at it more we decided that we wanted to use larger pieces of fabric…..

THAT looks so much better!!

At some point, we felt that it would be good to pull all of the guitar fabrics at once…..

This gave us a much better idea of where it was heading!!!

When we had a section that we were happy with Marnie used the mini iron to “tack” the fabrics to the interfacing…..

After everything was tacked down, we took it off of the design wall and gave it a really good ironing. Now everything was stuck down well and she started adding some of the details…..

….like the sound hole and pickguard, and finally the frets on the guitar neck….

There is lots more to come….Please come back to watch this masterpiece develop!!!

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