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Adding cloves….

You know, I seldom every use cloves until the holidays are here and it was especially fun to pull them out in November for my block in the 2022 Monthly Color Challenge from Patterns by Jen.

As soon as I poured the cloves out my studio was filled with their luscious armona.

As I started photographing them, I loved seeing the colors and textures in these little “wooden” pieces of joy…..

I headed to my fabric wall and found two fabrics that were perfect for the inspiration…..

The pieces were quickly cut….

(I couldn’t resist making a little design with them)

The first step was to create a Square-In-A-Square……

….and then adding another round of triangles to make an even larger square…..

Then it was simply a matter of adding alternating strips until it looked something like this…..

Now, that doesn’t look like much, but when you put a 6.5-inch ruler over the top and give it a trim, you get this fun block…..

I like the “glamour” shot even better…..

As I scooped up the cloves I debated what to do with them. Eventually they ended up in my studio trash can and added their spicy smells to the room for several days.

There is just one more month in this challenge and then I get to put the 2021 and 2022 challenge blocks together into a fun quilt. I can’t wait!!!

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