Mustard Seed Inspiration

For the June block in the “Patterns By Jen” challenge…..

…we are being inspired by Yellow Mustard Seed!!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any on hand so we will have to make do with an internet photo!!

I liked the sparkle in the yellow fabric that I chose and even more so when I saw it paired with the background fabric….

It was a fairly easy block with a few flying geese blocks…..

….several “snowball” type blocks…..

….and a bit of careful sewing….

Actually, it was NOT so careful, so after some ripping out and resewing, I had a fun block…..

I participated in this challenge last year as well and my plan is to alternate the blocks from last year and this year to make a final quilt. It might look something like this…..

I can’t wait to get to the end of the year so that I can put all of the blocks together!!!

May Color Challenge

I was looking at my calendar and suddenly realized that I needed to catch up with my Color challenge blocks (from Patterns by Jen)!! It is too easy to get behind on some of these!!

The last month that I posted was for April and it was fun learning about Nigelia seeds!!!

The “spice” for May is “Blue Spice Basil”.

Contrary, to the sound of the name, it is NOT blue….the leaves nor the blooms!

So, instead of making the block with blue fabrics, I decided to use green and purple…..

Remember, that I am using the same background for all of the blocks.

The first step was to make eight flying geese blocks. These were made using the 4-at-a-time method. I know that we have talked about this method before, but in case you missed it, here are the steps again…..

Cut along the drawn line and press to make Flying Geese blocks!!

Trim them down to the proper size and they are ready to use.

I am happy with this block…..

I will say that it is one of my favorites so far!!

Now to move onto the June block!!

What the heck are Nigella seeds?

As you know, I have been participating in the 2022 Monthly Color Challenge from Patterns By Jen.

This year, the challenge focuses on Spices and this month’s Spicy entry was “Nigella seeds”. But what exactly are Nigella seeds? I turned to a 2016 post from Food Republic for the answer…..

“Nigella seeds are probably one of the most confused spices. Over the years I’ve heard nigella referred to as onion seeds, black cumin, black caraway and fennel flower, among others. Let’s just simply call them nigella or kalonji (from Hindi). However you choose to name this spice, what it lacks in aroma — it has just a hint of a savory scent — it makes up for in taste. Nigella seeds have an oregano-like quality with herbaceous notes, a slight bitterness and a warm, toasted-onion flavor. I like to add them whole to salads, sauces and even soups at the last minute just before serving. They are a great replacement for sesame seeds without the sweet element.”

Jen had designed her block to have a light background…..

….but since I have planned for my blocks to have a dark background, I ended up making it in the opposite colors…..

It was a simple block to make although there were a number of pieces to cut…..

….and Half-Square Triangles to sew…..

….and, of course, a little bit of ripping to do…..

Once laid out…..

…it was a quick process to finish the block…..

And then came the fun of photographing the block, pulling out a forgotten box of beads…..

I even found a favorite pair of earrings that had been put in the box to be fixed…..

….and they even match the block color theme!!!

I would say that a new block and “new” earrings make for a good quilting session!!

Pink Peppercorns….

Peter Piper pieced a patch of pink peppercorns……

While I am NOT Peter Piper, I did piece a pink peppercorn block as part of the 2022 Color Challenge from PBJ (Pattern’s By Jen).

The first task was to find out what a pink peppercorn was…..

A pink peppercorn (baie rose, “pink berry”) is a dried berry of the shrub commonly known as the Peruvian Peppertree….. WOW…..MORE P’s!!

They are members of the Cashew family and have a peppery flavor. They are often blended with commercial pepper.

Even MORE interestingly, Wikipedia went on to say…… “In 1982, the Food and Drug Administration banned the import of Brazilian peppercorns from France into the United States, asserting that people who eat the berries risk an array of acute symptoms, such as swollen eyelids and indigestion, similar to poison ivy. In response, the Government of France maintained that the berries are safe to eat if grown in prescribed conditions. The United States later lifted the ban. “


After this history lesson, I searched for a good photo……

….and then for fabric….

Remember that I am keeping the same background fabric for all of the blocks and had already cut it.

The first step was to draw a diagonal line on the back of the background fabric. This was made difficult by the dark color of the fabric…..

I accomplished the task by using one of my favorite marking tools…..

….the White Marking Pen from Clover.

The only “problem” with this pen is that the mark isn’t visible when it is first marked…..

but appears within a few seconds….

You HAVE to be patient!!

Once I had the pieces ready, it was a bit tricky to lay out the block…..

….but the final piecing was straightforward…..

Each month, Jen asked us to show our quilts of the same colorway but, frankly, I don’t have any pink quilts.

BUT, I DO have a pink mug rug that I made several years ago so let’s go with that……

This is the post that I wrote about making it…..

It is good to have three of the color challenge blocks under my belt. Next month is “Nigella seeds”. I WILL have to do some research on this one!!!

Add two bay leaves

Today it is my turn to present the 2022 Monthly Color Challenge for February…..may I present BAY LEAVES!!!

Now I know that they look like the above, but I know them better like this…..

When I read more about them I found that fresh bay leaves have a very mild flavor but that it deepens when they are dried…..who knew!!

I started by picking fabric for my bay leaf block….

When I found this fossil fern on the shelf, I knew that my search was over….

Since I already had the background pieces cut, it was quick work to cut the fabrics……

Sub-cut the units…..

Do a little arranging…..

….a little sewing, ripping, re-cutting, and more sewing!!!

…..and the Bay Leaf block is finished!!

Each month we are supposed to show other quilts in the same color and I found that I don’t have very many green quilts. But there was this one…..

If you want to learn more about this quilt…..

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