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Red Pepper Flake Quilting….

When I was signing up for the 2022 Monthly Color Challenge, I saw that one of the blocks was based on RED PEPPER!!!

Since I LOVE using red pepper in my cooking, it was a no-brainer that I was going to present this block!!

BUT, before I start on that, let me tell you about something new. I had so much fun making this small charity quilt…..

….that I turned it into a pattern that you can get for FREE!!!

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Now….back to our regularly scheduled program………

The first thing that I did was to grab a bottle of red pepper flakes and dump a bunch out so that I could examine it for color…..

I was interested to see that there were not only white seeds in the mixture but also a number of different reds!!

I rushed to the red “cubicle” and quickly pulled out a stack of red fabrics…

Since I am using the same background fabric for all of my blocks, it was easy to pick the one fabric that I wanted to work with and the patches were quickly cut……

First I made flying geese using the 4-at-a-time method…..

If you have never tried this technique before, you might check out this post for all of the instructions.

Next, I added the triangle corner to the “snowball” block, first sewing it on and then folding it over AND pressing it in place… just to be sure that it was the correct fit…..

I then opened it up and cut off the extra triangles…..

….and re-pressed it…..

Ironing it in place BEFORE you cut is the key here. It will really help to keep the triangles in place!!

After the patches were made, it was quick work to put the block together…..

I am especially happy with how the red fabric reminds me of the individual red pepper flakes!!!

I really do like this photo, but now my block smells mildly of pepper….that is okay with me!!

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