Musical decisions

Well, it has been a while since I posted about Marnie’s Guitar quilt. The last post left the quilt top at this stage…..

The pattern from Laura Heine has a bunch of fun embellishments added to it……

….and we had originally looked forward to picking those out.

BUT….when I posted the photo of the quilt progress, Rosie commented that it had a landscape look to it!! And, as I looked I could see what she was saying. There was the sky on the top left, green meadows on the bottom right, and sunset colors at the top right.

When Marnie and I got together again, I was hesitant to suggest that we wouldn’t add any embellishments, but as we talked, I realized that we BOTH had the same idea!!


We did make one small change to the top right. There was too much of this fabric…..

We had planned to cover it up with the word “Guitar” but since we weren’t doing that anymore, we chose to make a small change….

And just like that, the top was finished!!

We layered it up and got ready to quilt!!

Come back tomorrow as we finish it up!!

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