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Prepping for an Art Show…

I am so excited that “Bridge Over the River Kew” was accepted into one of our large local Art Shows!! I am even more excited because this is not a quilt show but an ART show!!!

As I was getting it packed up, I realized that I had not put a label on it yet, so I turned to my favorite method…..printing it onto fabric and then sewing or fusing in place.

I start by designing the label in a text editor or in Powerpoint. Then it needs to be printed onto fabric. My fabric of choice is “Printed Treasures”……

It is a high-quality fabric that has a paper backing so that it can run thru an Inkjet printer. I really like this product because the photos come out sharp and the hand of the fabric stays the same…..it doesn’t get stiff at all!!

The fabric sheets are pricey and I always hated using an entire piece of paper to print one 3×5 inch label!! So I came up with a solution that allows me to use all of the little bits of fabric!!

I first print the label on paper (normally in black and white) and then cover it with the piece of “Printed Treasures” fabric……

I secure the fabric to the paper using a long strip of clear tape…..be sure to cover all of the leading edge with tape (in this case I folded the tape over the top of the paper)……

….but also make sure that the tape doesn’t cover part of the area that is going to be printed.

Run this page thru an inkjet printer and voila……

….the label is printed and ready to be applied.

Often the hardest part is getting the paper backing off of the label!! But, I have learned that if I heat the back with the iron, the paper will peel off easily…..

Since this was for a wall quilt, I chose to use Wonder Under to attach it. I have learned that it will adhere and hold better if you round the sharp corners…..

A quick press with the steam iron……

….and the label is secure on the back!!

The next step was to prepare a hanging rod of some sort. I found one in my closet that was the right length and used a small amount of acrylic paint to color the ends…….

That worked well…….

…..and it is now turned in and ready to hang!!

9 thoughts on “Prepping for an Art Show…

  1. Thank you for pdf of pattern. Love it. Your label is so cool. I have a label I need to make so I will try this method. Congestion’s on getting into art. You are very talented. Jodie

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