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We have been very fortunate to have Dylan as our guide for this trip.   He is so knowledgeable about the area, the animals, birds, insects, and trees.   And, he is happy to share this information as we go along.

It was not unusual for him to come to a screaming stop so that I could photograph something of interest.  My favorite of these stops was for the birds….and there were many!!

My last post was about three of these birds, but now it is time to visit the others!!!

On the last morning that we were in camp, we drove out to the floodplain area again and the first bird that we saw was this African Fish Eagle……

It was interesting to see the deep maroon feathers on his breast.

Next, we came across a White-Backed Vulture sunning itself in a tree……

I love the regal nature of his pose!!!

This bird is the Burchell’s Coucal……

…and this little one is the Common Bee Eater….

He sat on the branch and sang to us the entire time that I was photographing!!!

Dylan took the camera and photographed this hornbill sitting in the tree behind me……

Also seen was this Little Egret…..

…and this Woolly Necked Stork…..

These are just the birds that I was able to photograph!!! We saw many others that will just remain as images in our minds!!!

In December of each year, Zambeze Delta Safaris has a birding week and it sure is tempting to plan another trip!!!

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