“Single-use” Rulers

Last week I posted about the difference between rulers that are designed for EXACT measurements and those where it is easier to fudge a bit to make things work.

I posted this on a “Quilting with Rulers” Facebook group and a wonderful discussion ensued concerning the different types of rulers. One of the comments was that they hated the rulers that were designed for only a specific purpose, such as the Westalee Spin-E-Fex ruler series.

Well, that got me to wondering if those types of rulers could be used for other purposes….maybe even for a border.

I decided to test my theory, starting with the Spin-E-Fex #11 ruler. Used in its “proper” manner, it looks something like this…..

….but what would happen if I used it on a 3-inch border. I started out on my whiteboard to try a few different ideas…….

I placed the ruler so that the quilting line would fall just below the top of the border and traced around it once…..

When the “needle” met the bottom of the border, I stopped and moved the ruler over, and went around again. This was the result…..

Now, don’t get me wrong…..I love how this looks but it is a LOT of quilting for one border!!

So, let’s try something else……

Next, I quilted around it once, “stitched” along the border about an inch, and repeated the design…..

I like that better.

But, when I pulled out the border that I wanted to quilt, I decided to try yet another ruler….the Spin-E-Fex #16…..

I tried it out on the whiteboard…..

….and set to work on my quilt.

After the first pass, it looked like this……

OKAY….it has possibilities, but it needed something more.

How about moving the ruler over a bit and making a second pass……

And the last step was adding an echo along the top to completely fill the border…..

So I guess that answers the question as to whether or not a ruler only has ONE purpose….the answer is NO!!!!

Now I need to spend time with all of my rulers and figure out other ways to use them….glad it isn’t a busy time for work right now!!!

Do you use your rulers in new and different ways??? Please tell me!!!

2 thoughts on ““Single-use” Rulers

    1. Thanks Andrea. I have had fun trying to figure out what else I can do with the same ruler!!! I posted this on a Facebook group and several people posted photos of some VERY interesting designs. Apparently, there are a lot of people thinking “What If?”

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