The reason we have experts!!

For several months I have wanted to redo the intro to my YouTube videos. I wanted to change a few words and really wasn’t that happy with the audio quality.

I listened to it over and over but couldn’t figure out what needed to be changed.

THEN, Michael reminded me that our son, Brian, is an audio engineer!!! DUH…. let’s ask him!!

Sure enough, he listened to it a few times and made this suggestion….

“Your voice seems to have a bit of an echo to it. Since you recorded it in your studio, there probably wasn’t enough padding on the walls.”

Now, what I HEARD HIM SAY was that I didn’t have enough fabric in my studio….

…..but THAT wasn’t his point!!!

What he was REALLY saying is that the sound needed to be dampened some.

As he was talking, I was trying to figure out how I could redo it without the echo, and then he simply said….

“Go into your closet, close the door and record it there!!”

I felt a bit stupid, but I did what he said…..

…and boy did it make a difference!! Have a listen to see….

Isn’t it interesting how easily an expert can troubleshoot and fix a problem….you just have to find the right expert!!

Here’s to us becoming experts in the quilting field!!!

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