I didn’t know that I had this!!!

Don’t you love it when you find something that you had forgotten about….unless, of course, it is a gym bag full of dirty, sweaty clothes!!

Fortunately, this was a good surprise……

The other day I was looking for a book on my shelves and accidentally picked up this book…..

Sadly, I have absolutely NO idea when or where I got the book!! Looking at the publication date and place, I am thinking that it was on our very first lengthy overseas trip to England back in 2007.

As I opened this book I gasped at the gorgeous designs, of course thinking about seeing them in fabric and thread rather than in stained glass!!

I have been thinking about circles a lot recently and the first page that I opened started my creative juices flowing…..

And, there is so much more….pages of circle designs, even more pages of tile designs, and finally, multiple pages of heating grate designs.

This is ALL right up my alley!!

I will be sharing these and other designs in my new “Inspiration Wednesday” series.

Be sure to come back to be

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