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The other day I stopped to fill a bobbin and this is what I saw when I started to put it back in…..

Then I took the needle plate off and…..

I am normally SO good about keeping my machine cleaned and oiled and I don’t know what happened here!!!

Do you have a method to remind you to keep everything maintained? If so, PLEASE share it with me!!!

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6 thoughts on “OOPS!!!

  1. I try to get in there with a pipe cleaner every bobbin change and then pop the cover off every fourth bobbin and give it a good cleaning with a small vacuum. Sews better when it’s clean, doesn’t it?

  2. I understand that every time we start a new project we should change the needle, then would also be a good time to clean out the lint, etc/

  3. My old 1960’s era Pfaff could sew through bobbin fluff so thick It was felted, the fancy-schmancy Berninna with the shiny bobbin sensors will not, so I have gotten diligent about cleaning and oiling it as It Will. Not. Sew. at all if I don’t.

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