Distance Viewing….

Sometimes you are just too close to your work and need to step back and see it from a distance. The problem comes when your room is small and you can’t get far enough away!!

To fix this, you can use a “reducing glass”……

….which is basically a magnifying glass in reverse. Instead of making things appear closer, they look further away!!

However, instead of purchasing a glass made especially for quilting, how about visiting your local hardware store and buying a door peephole for much less money…..

It will work the same, is smaller to store and CHEAPER….can it get any better?

Now, let me end off with a funny story. Many years ago I used a peephole to design this quilt…..

…and honestly, it looked better thru the glass than it did in person. I threatened to hang the peephole to a string and tell people to look at it THRU the glass!!

That would have worked!!!

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2 thoughts on “Distance Viewing….

    1. It is easy for me to forget to back up and look at it from a distance. When we expanded my studio two years ago, my design wall ended up a little away from my cutting table and, although I have to walk more, I really like it that way!!!

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