Circle’s Abounding

Isn’t this a fun design!!!!

I have NO idea where this particular design came from but I have often thought about it as a quilt.

I was given a circle cutting ruler for Christmas and have been thinking a lot about circles…..

Maybe this is the one???

Have you done a lot of quilting with circles? I would love to see your quilts!!!

2 thoughts on “Circle’s Abounding

  1. I am known as The Circle Lady because I love inset circles and have enjoyed teaching the technique. I tried to send some photos but am not sure I was successful. I look forward to your blog each day since we “met” when you spoke to Metropolitan Patchwork Society in Portland, OR.

    1. Hi Nancy. It is good to “meet” you again!!! I didn’t see any circles but would love to see your quilts. Why don’t you send them to my email (francesquilts@gmail (dot) com)

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