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Why won’t this $%@#^ paper come off?

I love to use Wonder Under for my fusible applique projects, but sometimes the paper removal just doesn’t work. My normal progression is this….

Fuse the wonder-under on the back of the fabric…….

Cut out the design and use a seam ripper point to “scratch” a slit in the paper…..

and then run the seam ripper under the paper…..


every so often I end up with paper that SIMPLY….WON’T…..COME…..OFF!!!

I don’t know if this is caused by the fusible web being old or if it is caused by the type of fabric that I am using, but whatever the reason, it is SOOO frustrating!

Now I know the solution……

Go to the kitchen and stick the piece into the freezer…….no, I am not kidding!!

After a few seconds of visiting with ice cream and frozen corn……

…….you can pull it out, and the paper will fairly JUMP off of the fabric!!

You have to work fast and if the fabric warms up much at all, it has to be sent back to the freezer.

Why does this work??? I have NO idea but I love having this little trick in my back pocket!!

What favorite trick do you have in YOUR back pocket???

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