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Recycle your practice

When I am machine quilting, I try to keep a practice piece next to me so that try out any new designs before I use them on an actual quilt. I am not worried about tension or stitch length….just about moving my hands to make the design.

As a consequence, the practice piece often ends up looking like this…..

….and although I just quilted a feather in pink, you really can’t see it among all of the other stuff!!

Instead of making a new sandwich, I chose to cut another piece of fabric the same size as this one…..

I simply pinned it in place at the corners, and…..

…l have a new practice piece where I can see EVERYTHING that I did wrong!!

Yes, the tension may be a bit wonky but it still works perfectly for me!!!

AND, if you want to keep that design, just take a photo of it and you will have it FOREVER!!

Are you in a rut with your machine quilting? Sure, you know HOW to do FMQ and you have 4 or 5 patterns that you do well. BUT, you are bored with those designs and need a push to try some new things. If so, please join “MOVE-IT…. a Free-Motion Quilting Boot Camp”!! I will take you on a FREE 10-week journey to learn new designs and become more comfortable with just MOVING IT!! You can sign up by clicking HERE

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