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It’s retreat time….

I am so excited because next week I will get to spend 5 days doing nothing but sewing, eating, and visiting with quilters. Could it get any better???

The problem with a retreat where you can work on anything that you want is trying to figure out exactly WHAT I want to work on!!

At the last retreat, I started a scrap quilt and worked on it…..

……until I ran out of fabric. When I got home I cut a bunch more squares so that project is ready to go.

I have another Angela Walters FMQ challenge (“Echos and Curves”) that I can work on…..

Although, I would prefer to wait until I can work on my sit-down long arm.

My list of future projects is LONG….LONG…..LONG, but it is hard to know where to start and figure out which ones I can easily work on.

So, can you help me? How do you decide what to take on retreats???

4 thoughts on “It’s retreat time….

  1. For me, I take something where the math is already done. It would be hard for me to do math with all the social going on.

    1. It IS easy to get distracted by conversations so that is probably a good idea. I always take my headphones and will listen to music for a few hours each day just to help me concentrate!! Everybody knows that I am happy to be interrupted but it is nice to be “by myself” for a time!!

  2. I too am packing for a retreat. I have several projects I’m taking that are near completion such as one has rows complete but needs put together. Another has blocks complete but needs put into rows, etc. 2 more fairly easy projects already cut and ready to start and one complicated project already cut out. That way I can focus on finishing a few things but have the complicated quilt to keep me challenged. By the end of the retreat I will have several finished projects and will feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. Happy sewing!

    1. Thanks Shannon. Since I have been reading all of the comments, I am coming up with TONS of ideas of things to take!!! I like the idea of alternating between easy and complex projects. It gives the option to change projects depending on how you are feeling!! Enjoy your retreat!!!

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