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Vintage Lamb – Part 3

In yesterday’s exciting episode, I had finished the background for the baby quilt…..

Now it was time to add some baby animals!!!

I was starting with the lamb and had an idea that I was going to use Minky fabric to make him fluffier. My plan was to stitch the Minky (right sides together) to a piece of batting, then “burp” it thru a hole in the back, leaving a well-outlined design that I could applique onto the background.

I started with a sample…..

…..but quickly realized that I was not going to be able to turn it well enough so that the batting didn’t show some and I was afraid that the batting would wear out faster than the rest of the quilt!

So….on to Plan B!!

I knew that I was going to need more than one fabric layer on the lamb because the background would show thru. I also knew that I wanted the lamb to have a bit more texture…..

SO…..I cut the lamb outline out of batting……

….and layered it behind the front fabric when I fused it to the background. There was a bit of shadow around the edges but the quilting took care of that!!

The ducks and butterflies were easy…..so easy that I forgot to take photos!!!

For the flowers, I found a peach fabric that already had the flower” centers” printed on the fabric…..

I simply used those centers to guide where I put the wonder under and before long I had tons of cute peach-colored flowers ready to go.

So the top is finished and, no, there isn’t a picture of the finished top!!! I was too excited to move on to the quilting!!

Come back tomorrow as we finish up this sweet Lamb!!!

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