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What was I thinking….

I have been doing some quilting on a recently finished piece and started quilting at 1/2-inch intervals…..

After doing about half of one side, I moved to the other side and started quilting at 1-inch intervals, hoping that it would look okay and I would just pick out the extra lines.

Alas…..it was not to be!! It looks SO much better with more lines, so I am now madly quilting lines every 1/2-inch!!

Not only is it a lot of quilting, but there are tons of thread tails that need to be tied off and buried…..

Which brings me to my question…..

How do you handle stopping and starting your machine quilting?

I have used a backstitch……..

I have started each stitching line with lots of tiny stitches……

I have simply clipped the threads and not worried about them coming out


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