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Do you Side-Wind??

This was the present that I won at my guild retreat…..

I know absolutely nothing about them.

Can you fill me in???

6 thoughts on “Do you Side-Wind??

  1. I’ve seen but never used one, so I’m no help. But my question is do they wind fast enough to get a good, full bobbin? I’ll watch your other readers for an answer!

  2. I have used one for many years now. Love it! Haven’t used the machine bobbin winder in ages. The best part is not having to unthread and rethread the machine every time I need a bobbin. It winds as fast and as full as the machine winder. I do keep a finger near the top of the spool because it occasionally spins itself off the spindle- but so did the machine. And I do have to be sure the empty bobbin is pushed all the way down so the thread doesn’t wind below it – but again, that could happen with the machine too. Since there is no stop button, as it is an all-or-nothing deal, I have learned how to fool it into thinking it is full if I only want a small amount (pull away the guiding lever). Basically, I get the same performance as with the machine winder, but with the benefit of not having to retread the machine.

  3. It’s an easy way to thread a bobbin. I use it to thread my bobbins for my Featherweight rather than having to thread them with the machine. The wonder is fast and tight and a breeze to work with. Try it…you’ll like it !

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