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Say So Long to Stiff Appliques

I love to do raw-edge applique and use Wonder-Under for the fusing process.

The problem is that when you have lots of fabrics appliqued on top of each other, the top gets really stiff!!!

Years ago I made this quilt…..

….and the bears were so thick with fused fabrics. I remember being very disappointed!!

BUT, times have changed, Wonder-Under has changed, and my technique is also changed!!

Let’s look at an example……

I am about to applique a Giraffe head and the first step is to draw the reverse image onto the paper side of the Wonder-Under……

….and then rough cut around the outline…..

Now comes the magic!!

Since I only need the outside edges of the fabric to be adhesive, I can cut out the inner section of the Wonder-Under…..

…leaving this outline…..

Sometimes the process of ironing this piece onto the fabric can be tricky…..

But, once ironed on, the final step is to cut it out along the drawn lines…..

Now my applique is ready to apply with only the edges beging sticky, leaving the rest of the head soft and supple!!!

I don’t use this technique for small pieces but have found that it works great for any larger ones.

And, as an added bonus, you can save the cut out Wonder-Under and use it in another project…..or for Giraffe spots in this case!!

I hope that this techique will work for you as well!!

4 thoughts on “Say So Long to Stiff Appliques

  1. I mostly have done applique with freezer paper, turning the edges under. Then I pull the paper out when finished thru the back. This looks like a good way for raw edge. I enjoy your posts!

  2. Wow. This is so helpful. I am about to do a raw edge appliqué project. You just made it so much easier and better. Thanks bunches. 💐🌹🌸🌼

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