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Out….Out Damn Thread!!

I am working on a quilt with a light-colored background and was SO distressed to see the shadow of an orange thread…..

Can you see it???

Even though it was faint, it was ALL that I could see when I looked at the quilt!!!

I had already done the machine work on the binding before I noticed it and was SO frustrated!!

I knew that it would bug me from now on so I unpicked the binding and reached up into one of the quilted channels with a stiletto and pulled the thread out.

How did such a small thing cause so much angst??

Has this happened to you??

Do you have a tip on how to get the thread out??

One thought on “Out….Out Damn Thread!!

  1. I think your thread solution worked well. I had to take a safety pin out of a finished, washed quilt the other day! I happened to feel it while folding it up. I knew it was on top of the batting so I had to pick out sewing and quilting on top to get to it. Lucky for me this was in a block with black fabric so the repair should be invisible.

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