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Nothing important!!!

This past week I had a Colonoscopy!!

All of you readers who are older than 50 are saying “Oh man…..I am SO sorry”! You younger ones are shaking your head and wondering why I would even tell you that!!

Everything was good and the medical procedure is NOT the point of this post.

Since I was the first procedure of the day, I was back home by 8:15 which meant that I had the whole day ahead of me. Even better was the fact that I hadn’t planned ANYTHING for the day.

Following medical advice, I was told not to make decisions, operate equipment, or do anything really important for the rest of the day.

So, I chose to sit in my recliner, with my computer in my lap, and spend the morning surfing. In particular, I was surfing for project ideas….as if I didn’t already have plenty!!

I was rewarded when I ran into this block called “Dizzy Geese”…..

I searched further and found a great video tutorial for an easy way to make it…..

And……because I couldn’t do anything else, I watched the entire video and learned several new things!!

I then remember several videos that I had put aside to watch at some point so I pulled those out and started learning about making Instagram Reels & Stories. I even had time to play on my phone a bit to learn a bit more about Instagram.

Finally, I had signed up for the Modern Quilt Guild October conference and hadn’t finished watching the videos, so I sat in my comfy chair and watched several of them….again learning so much!!

In the afternoon I spent a bit of time in my studio, first learning how to make one of those fun slo-mo videos that everybody loves……

This is actually harder than you would think and I need to practice it a bit more!!!

Now, none of this is life-shattering, but it was sweet to have a day where I was Free…..COMPLETELY FREE!!

I don’t know about you, but I am really bad about filling in every minute of every day and this day reminded me that I need to also schedule in some days to do just what I did…..


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