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MQG Conference

Back in October, I signed up for Modern Quilt Guild “Sessions”…..a 4-day online conference and it has been such a great investment!!

The first session that caught my eye was using ProCreate in quilting (by Karen Lewis). I have talked previously about using Procreate to plan quilting designs but I had never seen it used for actual quilt design!!

She showed me how to design a block…..

Duplicate it….

….and quickly have a quilt designed…..

Great…..now I have ANOTHER way of designing quilts to add to my To-Do List!!

Kim Soper (@lelandavestudios) had a wonderful workshop about Stash Management. One of my favorite things from her talk was about how to know when you have too much fabric…..is that even a thing???

And then there was this slide…..

Sue Bouchard talked about using Directional fabrics,

and Diana Fitzgerald had a very interesting program about”The Perception of Visual Randomness”. She worked thru an example where the right-hand piece is completely random (fabrics pulled out of a bag) and the left one is a “False Random” where she used a series of rules as she placed the fabrics…..

I don’t know about you, but I like the “False Random” better!!

Cindy Grisdela (@cindygrisdelaquilts) gave a wonderful lecture about color and my favorite (go figure) was “How do I quilt it?” from Christa Watson (@christaquilts).

In particular, she spent a lot of time talking about making patterns easier. Look at this alternative to matchstick quilting…..

Interestingly, much of her quilting can be done with a walking foot!!!

I am excited to be taking a “How to design a quilting plan” workshop from her at the Houston Show….actually when this post comes out, I will have ALREADY taken the workshop.

You can expect to hear more from her!!

If you haven’t checked out the Modern Quilt Guild, I would HIGHLY encourage you to do so!! It is an online guild and they have SO many resources available. I don’t consider myself a “modern” quilter, but I have learned so much from their weekly newsletters, online tutorials and conferences.

At $35 a year, it seems like a deal to me!!

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