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I forgot about this!!

A couple of weeks ago I was looking for something in my quilting closet and came across a piece that I had forgotten about completely!!!

The story goes back to 2011 when Michael and I were visiting with friends in Chaing Mai, Thailand. One night after dinner, we headed out to the center of old-town to the Nighttime Walking Market…..isn’t that a great name!!!

The weather didn’t cooperate so we didn’t have long there but I was able to make one special purchase…….

This applique piece is 37 x 20 and is an amazing example of fine applique!!

I love all of the animals, especially the monkey sporting USA Red-white-and-blue…..

And look at the fine appliqued details, especially in the black monkey…..

Those hands are TINY!!

I especially love the fabric used for the river…..

The piece gets even more interesting when you look at the back…..

…..and realize that it is a panel of sorts with the “grass” printed on the fabric and line designs of all of the animals printed as well.

Look at #35 from the back…..

….and then from the front…..

I would love to have seen the people actually doing the applique but this market was just for sales. Sadly, I didn’t pay much for it which means that the creators were making pennies!!

But, what a talent they have!!!

Now the big question is “What do I do with this?”

It is kind of funky and I am not sure that it would hang well in my home. Frankly, that is probably why it was put in a box and forgotten about over 10 years ago!!!

But, maybe it is time to get it out and use it.

What would you do with it??

8 thoughts on “I forgot about this!!

  1. When I have things like that that doesnt go with my decor but I want to see it often, I hang it in my quilt studio. I loved what you shared and feel it needs a place to be seen. I even hang small things in the corners of my design wall.

  2. If you don’t want to quilt it or turn it into a pillow, you could stretch it on stretcher bars and frame it. I’d definitely display it. Maybe in the guest bathroom.

  3. I would bind it, mount it on a solid form & frame it behind glass to hang on the wall in a room that needs a pop of color. It might be fun to hang above your bed frame, your couch, or even just in your sewing room. Or use it to make a quilt for a new baby–you could border it with animal skin printed fabric or just a solid pulled from the pic, to make it more of a square than a rectangle–why? B/C babies new eyes are drawn to contrasting colors, esp black & white (not pastels) & once it is quilted it will hold up under the belly & feet of a baby thru toddlerhood & further–as a blanket, a play pad, a lovie, a wrap-me-up-in-it while I sit on the couch with my mom/dad to watch TV cover. Don’t leave it stored away–get it out & let it be loved!

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