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Things got a little abstract

The Abstract Quilts division at the International Quilt Festival was not a huge one, but there were a number of quilts that caught my eye!!!

“Sunny Window” by Kerri Green was the first one I saw and one of my favorites……

“Sunny Window”

In her artist statement, she said that she was inspired by her Grandmother’s sunroom with pots sitting on an old wooden bench.

In particular, I love the bold lines and especially the matchstick quilting!!

I have long been a fan of Robbi Eklow and this quilt is no exception…..


Her bold shapes and quilting designs make this piece irresistible to me. Of course, the sunflower shapes could have something to do with it as well!!

“Driftwood” by Heather Pregger was a wonderful quilt full of bold designs and bright colors…..


This quilt by Jane Sassaman (another of my favorite quilters) was inspired by botanical forms…..


I loved the movement in “Ammonite Flow” from Kimberly Lacy……

“Ammonite Flow”

I hadn’t realized just how many of my favorite quilters were in this category, but this last quilt by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry had amazingly crisp lines…..

“Zigzags & Circles #8”

and held her usual astounding quilting…..

I was fortunate to take a 2-day FMQ class from her about 20 years ago and I still remember how willing she was to share her knowledge!!!

I am also amazed at the many different “forms” her quilting takes. She has certainly reinvented herself a few times.

Come back tomorrow and we will check out the Cherrywood Challenge quilts……

5 thoughts on “Things got a little abstract

  1. These abstract quilts were very eye catching. Abstract is just not one of my favorite. I am afraid I am a realistic traditional girl who is learning to love modern.

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